- How was the corn grown?
- Is the corn fresh?
- Does the corn taste great?
Mirai® Corn consistently beats the competition on great taste. Check out all our varieties that will be sure to satisfy.
The "Mirai® Experience" Is Here.

And you say what is that? It’s simple, just take a bite (raw or cooked) of a fully mature ear of any of the Mirai® hybrids and you have had the “Mirai® Experience”. So just imagine what Mirai® will do for your garden, roadside stand, farmers market or commercial shipping sweet corn business. Whether it’s you personally or your customer, the end result will be the experience that will make you and your customer clamor for more.

Mirai® (pronounced ME-rye) was developed in Harvard, Illinois and has the unique qualities of sweetness, tenderness and actual corn flavor all in the same ear. The seed was introduced to Japan where there is a tradition of seeking out quality food and they named it Mirai®. In Japanese this means “taste of the future”.

Well, the future is here so contact Centest or one of our select distributors and discuss what Mirai® can do for you!